Review: Father and Son by John Barlow

Title: Father and Son (John Ray #2)
Author: John Barlow
Publisher: Storm Books
Published: June 9, 2013
Genre: Crime
Source: Author

Goodreads Summary:
This is the second installment of the LS9 crime thrillers.   Someone wants you dead.  You don't know who or why....
John Ray is called to a scene of a violent murder.  The victim is an old associate of John's father, local crime boss Tony Ray.  There is an obvious no motive for the murder, but everyone agrees on one thing:  don't tell the police.

My thoughts:
Someone wants you dead.  You don't know who . . . or why.
John Ray is called to the scene of the violent murder of his father's old associate Roberto Swales by Lanny Bride.
Lanny Bride,  the successor of the Tony Ray crime empire and already is in charge of the cities underworld, wants John Ray to find out who the murder is.  There is no obvious motive.  The one thing that everyone agrees on . . . don't tell the police.
John struggles with old associates in the crime world.  He struggles with the life he has chosen and the memories he had forgotten.  This is a fast paced search for a killer takes John back twenty years before, to another, more heinous crime. And the death of a baby.
I love this new installment of the LS9 crime series.  Father and Son  is a more personal journey for John Ray.  His father resides in a nursing home.  A shell of his former self, the respected and feared crime boss Tony Ray.  Age, not the police, was his enemy now.
John is tired of the mob and this will be the end of it.  He has said this before.  This time he means it.  After he has the name of the person or persons who killed Roberto, he is done.
In this book, John's journey brings back to light his past sins and Den.  He hasn't in contact with her for a year.  They didn't part on good terms and now he needs her.  It is a race to find the truth; to sort out the lies; to solve this mystery and stop the killers before it is too late.
I liked the fast pace Mr. Barlow puts his characters through.  The twists and turns, some up front, some not so keeps the pages turning with anticipation of what is coming next. 
As this chapter of John's life is closing, I can't imagine what will happen next.  A fantastic read from start to finish, leaving me hungry for more.

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  1. I thought it was great. I had an absolute blast reading this. Really well paced and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I really loved this book thanks for sharing this terrific review. The Best Underrated Books


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