Dear Readers, Doctor Who, and Feedburner

Dear Readers,

As you have noticed we're now at our new domain. The switch wasn't without hiccups, though. As you may or may not have noticed our review page is down for the time being. I'm going to have to link each review up individually with our new address, and that's going to take time. The page will be back up next week but with only our latest reviews. We'll gradually add the older reviews.

Also the Doctor Who re-watch will continue next week. I know this makes the second week in a row, but I haven't had time to work on it this week. I'm sorry, so sorry.

You can't resist David Tennant with a sad face . . . in the rain, can you? So you'll forgive me, right?

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Actually this is the last thing. Do you think we should list the reviews by genre, author, title, or any other way?