The Stag Lord Cover Reveal

The cover was designed by Errick Nunnally.
Jacket Copy for *The Stag Lord* by Darby Kaye

 On the run across America from a vengeful shape-shifter, Bannerman "Bann"
 Boru has only one thing on his mind: keeping himself and his young son,
 Cor, alive.

 At any cost.

 Until he meets Shay Doyle, healer and member of a secret group of immortal
 Celtic warriors, the *Tuatha De Danaan*, living in modern-day Colorado.
 When Cor is injured, Bannerman is forced to accept her help. He quickly
 realizes that the golden-haired healer is shield-maiden tough and can hold
 her own on the field of battle with the big boys. And Shay soon discovers
 that there is more to Bann than meets the eye.

 Now, with the shape-shifter Cernunnos teaming up with the local pack of
 Fir Bolgs (Bronze Age creatures with a nasty taste for children),
 Bannerman, Shay, her wolf-dog, Max, and the rest of the Doyle clan must
 figure out how to battle one insane god.