Interview with Stephen Henning

1. Tell us a little bit about this series

The Class Heroes books are about 14-year-old twins James and Samantha Blake. They live in London and — up until they go on a school trip to St Paul’s Cathedral — they’re just normal teenagers.
Then their school bus gets blown up in a supposed terrorist bombing. The twins are among the survivors and are taken to hospital — amid a media frenzy. And when the twins wake up, all of a sudden they discover they’ve got special abilities.
That’s when their problems really begin. They meet a girl who has powers equal to their own, called Lolly Rosewood. And she’s pretty much the baddest bad girl you can get. The twins find themselves trapped in the hospital and some pretty unpleasant things start happening.

2. After an accident the twins realize they have special powers. What super power would you like to have?

I always wanted to have the same kind of powers Spiderman has. I think Spidey is probably the coolest superhero there is. But I do like Wolverine too. I wouldn’t fancy having big metal claws come out of my hands (could be really awkward if they pop out at the wrong moment) but the power to regenerate would be nice. Other than that, the power to stop my computer crashing would be ideal.

3. So far there are three books in this series. How many books do you have planned?

I think I’ll keep writing them until I run out of ideas. At the moment, I have plots to take me up to book 6… and then we’ll see. I actually really like Sam, James and Lolly as characters. They’re great fun to write for. Sam and James have a strong brother/sister relationship, but like most siblings, they fight a lot and when they do it can be comical. And Lolly is like a human hand grenade, so adding her to the mix always produces explosive results.
So as long as I have things that I want to say about the characters — or rather, unpleasant ordeals to put them through — I’ll keep writing.

4. What are you working on right now?

I’m currently finishing off book 4, which will be released this summer. It’s called London Belongs to the Alchemist. This story pushes all the characters to their limits. We get introduced to a new person with special abilities, a tough London gangster, and some rather unpleasant gentlemen from the Russian mafia.

5. Where can people find out more about you and your books?

First place to look is the Class Heroes homepage,
You’ll find some artwork of the twins themselves, which was based on photos of my two cousins when they were 14. There’s all the latest news about the series, profiles of the characters and a bit about me.
I mentioned earlier that when the twins’ bus gets blown up, it results in a media frenzy. Well, take a look at the 24/7 Interactive News channel to watch the news videos and read the articles about that very incident!

Thanks very much for interviewing me on To Read or Not to Read. I hope people will choose to read. And if you like the Class Heroes books and want to be informed about new releases and new videos, sign up to the newsletter on the Class Heroes home page.