Review and Giveaway: The Unicorn Thief

Title: The Unicorn Thief (Unicorns of the Mist #2)
Author: R.R. Russell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jaberwocky
Published: May 6, 2014
ISBN 13: 9781402279928
Genre: Middle Grade
Source: NetGalley

Goodreads Summary:
Danger lurks in the mist.

Twig and Ben are unicorn riders--guardians whose job it is to keep the last free unicorn herd safe. But a new danger is threatening the beautiful, mysterious creatures of Lonehorn Island. A thief from Terracornus has snuck onto the misty island and stolen Ben's loyal unicorn, Indy. There's only one path for Ben and Twig--straight into the secret, shadowy heart of the island and through the passage to Terracornus.

But their rescue mission is unexpectedly complicated by a secret Ben has been hiding. A secret about the Queen of Terracornus who has enslaved all the unicorns of Ben's homeland. A secret that could save them all--or start a war.

My Thoughts:
Twig burst on the scene last year in Wonder Light. If you haven't read it, then rush to a book store right now. Twig's had a hard life. She lived with her unstable mother, then her father, and finally she ended up at the Murley's where she finally came alive. The Murley's run a house for troubled girls. The house is on a magic island where unicorns run free. Twig has her own unicorn that she's loved and nurtured since birth. Twig has also become good friends with a unicorn rider named Ben.

In this book, the unicorns are disappearing. Someone has come through the mystic pathway from Terracornus and taken Ben's faithful unicorn Indy. Ben is mad to get him back, and Twig will stop at nothing to stop him. Though rescuing unicorns is not her only problem. She must decide if she'll stay on the island or leave with her father.

This book is just as good as the first book, if not better. In The Unicorn Thief we learn a lot about Ben's mysterious background such as where he came from; why did he leave, why does he loath the queen. I enjoyed the mystery behind it all. Russell captivates her audience and keeps us entertained. I love the emotional turmoil and the hard decisions the characters have to make. Twig is a character that will stay with you long after the story has ended. This is a great series that you don't want to miss.

My Rating:

Thanks to Sourcebooks I have a copy of The Unicorn Thief to give away to a lucky reader. Here are the rules:
1. This giveaway is open to U.S. or Canada addresses only.
2. You must be 13 years old to enter.
3. You MUST answer this question in the comments: What is your favorite fantasy creature?

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  1. I am over 21 (LOL), IN US, and I love dragons, fairies, and unicorns :-)

  2. I am 16, live in the US, and... probably the crumple horned snorkack. ;-)

  3. My favorite fantasy creature is a dragon.



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