Review: Daughter of Isis

Title: Daughter of Isis
Author: Kelsey Ketch
Published: October 26, 2013
ASIN: B00G1506CA
Genre: Mythology, Upper YA
Source: Own

Goodreads Summary:
“Her mouth parted slightly, waiting for Seth to breathe life into her own body, just like in the story. She wanted him to awaken her senses.”

Their worlds collide in California’s high desert.

The last thing Natara “Natti” Stone wants to do is to start anew at Setemple High School. She wished she had never left London. Yet the brutal murder of her maternal grandmother has made her life very complicated. The only clue related to her murder is an ancient, encrypted necklace Natti discovered after her grandmother’s death. And if trying to adjust to American life is not enough, Natti is being stalked by a mysterious, charming high school senior, Seth O’Keefe, who is annoyingly persistent in his attempts at seduction.

Seth O’Keefe is secretly a member of the Sons of Set, an order that worships the Egyptian god of chaos. Seth’s blessing from Set, his “charm,” never failed, except with one person: Natti Stone. Her ability to elude him infatuates and infuriates him, and he becomes obsessed with the chase. But the closer he gets to her, the more his emotions take a dangerous turn, and he risks breaking one of the most valued covenants of his order. The punishment for which is a fate worse than death.

The adventure this unlikely couple becomes engulfed in could cost them their lives and their souls.

My Thoughts:
Kelsey Ketch has brought us an Egyptian themed mystery . . . how refreshing!!
An Egyptian sect has taken route in the middle of the desert community of Setemple.  The Egyptian influence runs throughout the town--right down to the pyramid.   
Natara Stone and her father have moved from England to Setemple after the brutal murder of her maternal grandmother.  An encrypted necklace that was discovered after her grandmother's death holds a mysterious clue.  This is the last place she wanted to be.  Her heart was still in England.  New school, new friends, new town . . . there was nothing she could do but make the best of it.
Seth O Keefe is a Son of Set, an order that worships the Egyptian god of chaos.  He is charming to a fault.  That is his blessing from Set.  He has the females and males of the community at his beck and call.  Everyone that is except Natara.  She is different and his effect on her is not the same.  He has tried to pursue her again and again to no avail.  His  obsession to possess her takes a serious turn the closer he gets to her. As he gets closer to her he risks breaking the covenant's most sacred rules, which the punishment is worse than certain death.

This book is a wonderful blend of ancient Egyptian mythology and the modern world. The love/hate relationships through past lives to modern times flow seamlessly.  She has captured the High School clicks:  the hierarchy of the populars and the athletes verses the geeks and the wanna be's. 
The dialog is snappy.  The imagery throughout the book brings the reader right into the action of every twist and turn.  The story telling is smooth and unfrayed. I recommend this book to anyone who has a lust for adventure. I am looking forward to the second book, Son of Set, in this trilogy.

My rating:


  1. What an interesting plot! Going to add it to my TBR list :)

    1. It is! I really enjoyed reading this book too. I loath and love Seth at the same time.


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