Feature: 500 Days

Title: 500 Days
Length of book: 528 pages
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Formats: Mobi, Epub, PDF, Paperback
Pub Date: 4/14/14
Casper Covington had his music, women, and pretty much anything he wanted at his disposal. But the one thing that plagued his thoughts constantly was the one thing he couldn't have. The girl he met six months ago. A drunken one night stand that he couldn't get out of his head. The only thing he remembered from that night was her green eyes and the ivy tattoo that stretched the length of her body. In his attempts to put an end to the tortuous dreams of the mysterious girl, Casper’s attention is caught by the new bartender. There’s just something so familiar about her that his need to get to know her becomes more troublesome than he expected.

Alexis Radcliff was raised by her four brothers making her as tough as nails on the outside but on the inside she wanted what every girl did – someone to love her, faults and all. She would be damned if she admitted that out loud and made a point to show she could use men just as easily as they used women. But when a sexy musician starts to show interest in Alex she has a hard time convincing herself to stay away. Alex knows everyone has secrets but hers are ones she doesn't want to share. But when she can no longer fight her feelings, her dark past slowly starts to unravel. 

Can true love conquer all? Or are past ghosts a haunting premonition of what lies ahead?

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Jessica is a budding new author with a passion for writing in her veins. She stems from the suburbs of Pennsylvania where most of her time is spent writing, listening to new music, or reading a good book. When not busy writing, Jessica works part–time in a salon where she enjoys making people look beautiful. You can catch up with Jessica on her blog or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

If you feel the need to edit any of the swearing i'm okay with that.



Not long after Colton returned, the girls had arrived. I saw Declan first and elbowed Colton. He turned around and wore the same goofy smile she did. I didn’t see anyone with her and I was beginning to think the other girl decided not to come. I wouldn’t be upset. The bartender was eyeing me since I got here so I had a backup plan, that was until I saw who joined Declan. I laughed out loud and turned around, taking a long sip of my beer. Colton gave me a dirty look for laughing.  I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when I turned around. Declan and her friend had now joined us at the bar. Colton got up, being the gentleman he is. “Hey Declan, Alex,” Colton hit me in the side, clearing his throat. I took a sip of my beer and slowly turned around. “Alex this is –”
        “You got to be fucking kidding me.” Her face turned into an instant scowl, but me, I couldn’t stop smiling.
        “I take it you’ve met before?” Colton said nervously.
        She gave Declan the nastiest look. “I swear I didn’t know,” Declan whispered.
        “Yeah, we met, unfortunately,” Alex said, crossing her arms over her chest. Colton stood there, not quite sure what to do. Alex pulled Declan aside and had a few angry words with her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but basically Alex was pissed and did not want to be here. After a stomp of her foot, Declan turned her back around, and smiled sweetly at us.
        “Shall we get a table?” I stood up to give Declan a hug. She whispered in my ear, “I swear to god if you try any of your bullshit I will castrate you.” When she pulled back she still had the sweet smile. I gestured for the ladies to go first. Alex shot me a look of disgust.
        Colton stopped me. “Don’t be a dick,” he growled. I put my hands up in surrender. I have yet to say anything and already I’m getting chewed apart. This was going to be a long, fucking night.
        When we got our table, I did the gentlemanly thing and pulled out a chair for Alex, but of course, she chose the next chair over just despite me. I stifled a groan and had a seat. I leaned back and gave Alex the once over. She had on a jean skirt and black tank top that cut low on her back. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head, no doubt to keep it off the new ink she had on her shoulders. She wore minimal makeup, but man, she was still sexy. “Are you seriously trying to check out my ass right now?”
        I sat forward in my chair. Both Colton and Declan gave me the look of death. “I was actually checking out your new artwork, but now that you mention it,” I leaned back again. She tried to turn away. “Nah, too flat for my taste. But no worries, not everyone is an ass man. I’m sure there’s someone out there who likes that kind of thing.” I lied, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. She actually had a very nice, round ass. Not too big not too small, but just right.
        Her jaw dropped, clearly insulted. “You definitely are an ass, but the man part is still questionable.”
        “Alex,” Declan said in a warning tone. Alex picked up her menu and whipped it open. I didn’t have to read minds to know Colton was thinking if you ruin this for me I will kill you. His face said it all.
        I let out a sigh and leaned forward, trying to play nice. The waitress came over to take our drink order. “I’ll have a beer and a round of shots for the table.” I thought maybe I could get Alex to loosen up with a few drinks.
        “No thank you. I don’t drink. I’ll just have water.”
        “Don’t drink or not old enough too?” When she didn’t say anything I knew she wasn’t old enough. I leaned in close to her ear. She flinched slightly. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you won’t.” I nodded at the waitress to go ahead with the shots.
        “So what did you guys do today?” Declan asked, trying to defuse some of the tension.
        “Nothing really. Just hung out, worked on some new songs.”
        “Oh, you write?” Declan said interested. The conversation went off from there while Alex sat there seething. The waitress came back with our drink orders and I raised my shot glass. Declan and Colton did the same, but not Alex. She was still being the difficult one. Declan shot her a look of annoyance. Alex rolled her eyes and picked up the shot. She slammed it back before anyone of us had a chance to clink glasses.
        “What?” she asked. Declan just shook her head.
        “Is everyone ready to order?” the waitress asked. Alex scoured her menu again while the waitress went around the table to take everyone’s order. When she reached Alex, she asked if she would like some more time.
        “No, um…”
        I could sense she was feeling rushed and didn’t know what to pick. “Go with the veggie burger. It’s the best in town.”
        She closed her menu and handed it to the waitress. “I’ll have the steak, medium well, with a side of fries and sampler to start,” she said, ignoring my suggestion. The waitress gave her an odd look, but finished writing down the order and left. I was surprised by Alex’s hearty appetite. The few dates I went on the girls always ordered a salad or something vegetarian, which is why I suggested the veggie burger to Alex.
        “How did you and Alex come to know each other?” Colton asked, trying to include everyone in the conversation.
        “Alex and I are actually cousins,” Declan answered.
        “So I take you guys are close.”
        “Yes. Even after we moved Alex and I stayed in contact with each other. I spent most of my summers with her.”
        Declan and Colton carried on with the conversation. Alex just sat there, keeping with her standoff attitude. I decided to try and make nice and talk to Alex. “So, Alex, what do you like to do for fun? Besides make men’s balls shrink up and hide.” I smiled sweetly.
        Alex pressed her lips tightly together, suppressing the smile that was twitching at the corners. She hid behind her water glass as she took a sip. She seemed almost amused. Once her glass was placed firmly back on the table, she turned her dark green eyes on me. “As much as I enjoy ball busting egotistical assholes, in my spare time I thoroughly enjoy scaring children and crushing dreams. I’m sure it’s not as fun as stealing an innocent’s spirit, but hey, we can’t all be as charismatic as you.”
        Declan and Colton stopped talking to gawk at us. “It takes a lot of charisma to crush a soul,” I smiled, raising my glass.
        Alex took another sip of her water, crunching loudly on a piece of ice. The waitress delivered Alex’s sampler and our soups and salads, relieving us from what could possibly turn into an ugly conversation. No one spoke while we ate. I assumed it was because we were all grossed out by how Alex was inhaling her food like she hadn’t eaten in a week. She didn’t even stop to breathe in between bites. To top it off, when she was finished, she let out the loudest, manliest burp. “Excuse me,” she said innocently, while she gestured for the waitress to refill her water. Declan’s jaw dropped while Colton’s fork stayed suspended in the air, mid-bite. As repulsed as I was by this grotesque display at the same time I was strangely turned on.
        “Alex,” Declan chastised, like an embarrassed parent.
        “What? I said excuse me.”
        I threw my arm over the back of her chair and wiggled my brows at her. She leaned away from me. I had a feeling this was all an act she was putting on to repulse me. She was in for a sore surprise. Two could play at this game. “That was really hot. You wanna make out?” She pulled back even further, almost falling off her chair. I smiled, satisfied.
        Colton threw me a warning look while Declan hid her face in her hands. “If you don’t remove your arm I will show you my other favorite pastime, which is how I make grown men cry.”
        “I’ve seen you in action. I’ll take my chances.”
        Before she could react Declan interrupted. “Alex don’t!”
        Alex narrowed her at eyes at Declan, but remained in her seat, scooting further away from me.
        “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Colton demanded more than asked. I pushed back my chair and followed him to the bar. He paced angrily before he turned on me. “One favor Cas, that’s all I asked.”
        “That’s before I knew you were going to set me up with the she devil.”
        “It’s not all her.”
        “The way she inhaled that food you would think she’s a descendent of Medusa. Did you see her jaw unhinge?”
        “Cas, knock it off.”
        “What do you want me to do? It’s not like she makes it easy.”
        “I know,” he grunted, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Just ignore it. Please, for me.”
        “I’ll do what I can.” He gave me a look of annoyance. “Okay, okay. I won’t say anything.” I looked back over at the table. Declan was angrily pointing her finger at Alex while she sat there with her arms crossed and rolled her eyes. This might be harder than I thought, but I owed Colton. I promised him I would try my best to keep my mouth shut.
        We managed to make it through dinner without any more drama. Colton and Declan kept the conversation going while Alex and I were quiet spectators. When dinner was finally over, I was practically jumping out of my skin to get out of there. Alex was hot, but she had just a little more attitude than I liked and I never worked this hard for a girl in my life and I wasn’t going to start now. When the check came, I threw in my credit card, and waited impatiently for the waitress to return with my receipt. I signed the slip and stood up. Colton looked at me confused. “Well, I would say it’s been fun but,” I looked at Alex. “Then that would be like admitting you like getting a hot poker stuck up your ass.” Alex barely blinked an eye, but she did give me a sarcastic smile. Somehow she even made that look sexy. Not worth it, I reminded myself. “You ready?” I asked Colton.
        “Um,” he began, unsure.
        “Oh,” Declan chimed in. It was obvious these two were hitting it off and not ready for the date to end.
        “I was hoping we could hang out for a bit. If that’s what you want?”
        “No, I’d love to. Unless you have other plans?”
        “No, Casper doesn’t have anywhere else he needs to be.” Colton shot me a warning look.
                “I’ll be at the bar.” I took off leaving the two lovebirds and shrew at the table.