Feature: In the Days: A Tale of the Forgotten Continent

In the Days: A Tale of the Forgotten Continent

Book Summary: 
The Empire of Atlantis: the most powerful nation in the world. Peace reigns across the continent, and an age of prosperity and enlightenment has made the Empire the center of the globe.
But, beneath the peaceful façade of life in the Imperial City, trouble is brewing. Assassins lurk in the shadows, intrigue abounds in the court of the Empress. Will political ambitions topple the House of Tah, or could the threat be one much more sinister in nature? Dark forces threaten the land, and the future of the Empire is at stake.
One man is shown a glimpse into the future--a future that could be, or the future that is destined to come?
This is the tale of the last days of the great Empire - the Empire that the world forgot. This is the story of Atlantis, in the days when it ceased to be.

Andy Peloquin is a fantasy lover turned author, and he writes the stories he would love to read.
Growing up as a third-culture kid gave him a broader insight into the world around him, an insight he tries to weave into his books. When not writing he enjoys family, practicing martial arts, reading comics, reading, playing the guitar, and blogging.
He debuted his first novel -- In the Days: A Tale of the Forgotten Continent -- in 2014, and plans on writing many, many more.

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I couldn't explain the sensation. All I knew was that something was about to happen, and I was responsible for keeping the Empress out of the way of harm.
"If you will excuse me, Immortal One, I must take my leave of you for a moment."
It took her long seconds to tear her gaze away from the ceremony below, and I could see the awe still written on her face as she forced her eyes to focus on my face.
"Of…of course, Deucalion."
She seemed to be in a trance—the hypnotic power of the High Priest drawing her in as easily as the crowd of commoners and nobles below. The fact that she had called me Deucalion—she only ever did so when we were alone—showed just how disoriented she was.
"I will return shortly."
I was incredibly relieved to shrug off the voluminous ceremonial robes, walking comfortably in the simple clothing I had donned earlier. A quick signal to Derchon relayed my orders. Stay at your post and guard the Empress.
A tunnel led away from the Empress' private section in the Temple, directly onto the main avenue outside. Murgen and Angrion stood guard by the entrance to the corridor, Phoris and Eirin standing a few paces away. I knew Traga and Carrt loitered in the shadows should I need them.
"Phoris." I had a hard time keeping the urgency out of my voice.
"What is it, Deucalion?"
"I can't say that I know precisely what, but I feel that something is…"
I couldn't put into words what I felt. Something was...
"I thought it was just me. I feel it, too." He looked around nervously, unsure and uncomfortable—just like I felt.
"Captain!"  Traga came running towards us, the look on his face mirroring the one I had no doubt showed on ours.
"Chancellor." A curt nod from me, and he continued. "You're going to want to see this—both of you."
"See what, Traga?"
"Look." Our eyes turned in the direction he pointed. The street was empty, the falling dusk casting shadow on the unlit streets.
I could make out a hazy shape in the near darkness, a shape that towered taller than any creature I had seen before.
The darkness must be playing tricks with my eyes, for I saw the shaggy shape of a bear walking calmly towards us.
The shadows were thrown back as the street lights were lit, and even Phoris gasped as he saw the approaching figure.
It was a man—a huge man. His beard was as thick as the fur on the bear skin wrapped around his massive frame, and his hands grasped a staff that could only have been a young tree—so thick and heavy it was. And yet, he carried it with ease.
I had no idea where beard ended and fur began—hair of all types dragged on the floor as he walked. The man stood close to twice my height, and easily twice my width. I could almost feel the ground shaking as he took each step, but it may have just been my imagination.
I heard Phoris issue a terse command behind me, but my senses were entirely focused on the towering figure approaching. Breath caught in my chest as he stared directly at me, and I was rooted to the spot by the raw power I felt in his eyes. Every muscle in my body constricted, but my every effort to move was for naught—my body remaining frozen as he walked towards me.
His bulk came to a stop a handful of paces from where we stood, his gaze encompassing each of us in turn. Where his eyes fell, motion stopped. My men were as unmoving as I, their bodies numbing with the same sensations that coursed through my veins.
It was as if fire and ice flowed through me, and I burned as I stared at the power filling the very core of this man's being. It called out to me, reaching into my soul and yearning to fill me. It wanted to claim me for its own, and I had no way to stop it.
And then the massive figure was gone. I hadn't seen him move, but I suddenly awoke as if from a trance. I heard myself gasping as I released the air I had been holding in. I heard the gasps of Phoris and the others. They had been under the same spell as I.
Blood rushed into my limbs, and my arms and legs felt weak. It took all of my willpower to stand straight when all I wanted to do was sag to the floor. What just happened?
"What the fuck was that?"
Traga was as dazed as I was, yet far more colorful in his wonderment. Phoris looked around anxiously, incomprehension written on the faces of the other Nightstalkers as well.
"I have no idea."
I felt an insistent urge to return to my place by the Empress' side. I had to get back in the Temple now.

I could hear Phoris just a step behind me as I sprinted back down the tunnel towards the throne where the Immortal Empress of Atlantis sat—guarded by two professional killers who would stand no chance against the power that had just slipped past us.