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I hope everyone has had a great summer full or reading/listening to wonderful books. This is the last week of Sync's freebies. Remember you only have August 7 – August 13 to download this pair. Happy listening! 

In his highly readable, educational, and inspiring memoir, Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser’s warm, grandfatherly tone invites the reader to do more than just visit a time when the world went mad. He also shows how this madness came to be–and the lessons that the world still needs to learn.
In this true story, the reader will see how an ordinary human being–an innocent child–not only survived the Nazi Nightmare, but achieved the American Dream–and how you can achieve it too.

At once fiercely immediate and complex in its implications, The Shawl succeeds in imagining the unimaginable: the horror of the Holocaust and the emptiness of its aftermath. It was written in 1977 but was first published in the early 1980s in The New YorkerThe Shawl won first prize in the O. Henry Prize Stories and was chosen for Best American Short Stories.
In The Shawl, a woman named Rosa Lublin watches a concentration camp guard murder her daughter. And there is a shawl–a shawl that can sustain a starving child or inadvertently destroy her, or even magically conjure her back to life.