Feature: Robert Friedrich

Hello and welcome to the show, my name is Robert Friedrich and I am an Indie Author of Horror and Sci-fi. I recently returned from Egypt back to Eastern Europe – Slovakia – where I am from and am using my location now to spread my work over Europe. You want to know more about me? Look into what I write as set in examples below – there is always a piece of me in everything I write.

Full Bio:
Robert Friedrich is an Author who writes in a multitude of styles which include Novella's, Short Stories, Poetry and even Screenplays. His books are famous for taking an unconventional route through the darkest of places and emotions, and are generally driven by fast paced action and direct-from-heart dialogue. His current releases include: The Darkness Within: A Novella, Enlightened by Darkness Anthologies, The Book of Metal Lyrics and Seed of Evil, which is the first part of an entire up-coming Saga. Robert surprises his audience by how different, each of his book's tone, message is and how they are visually descriptive. He also designs his own book covers and trailers. http://robapexenterprise.wix.com/robert-friedrich
"A fictional Dystopia is better than a fake Utopia." -- Robert Friedrich

My latest book is a 1st part of a post-apocalyptic mini-series called Welcome to your Death.
Don’t fear Yellowstone, fear what follows! Part one of Welcome to your Death introduces readers to a dangerous new world. Yellowstone’s eruption left the Earth devastated. Now, many years later, a survivor emerges from hibernation, unaware of the dangers that inhabit his long-lost home. His arrival sets events into motion that will ultimately decide everyone's fate, but does he have what it takes? Embark on an adventure unlike any other and see what secrets linger in the shadows. Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse.

A ruined city sits there, maybe a few kilometers away, yet still visible from the cliff. He looks down and sees a long way ahead. He also sees what looks like the destroyed remains of that strange room he awoke in yesterday. For a few moments he observes, looking for a way or path other than having to scale the cliff.  In this unknown place, a place he does not recognize, the only area where he may find some answers lies probably in the city. He looks down again and sees a possible way to slope.
Afterward, loud noises, shouts and weapon fire echo from the distance, alarming him.
“Oh no. More of those bandits must be looking for their missing people. I need to get out of here!”

Find more of me and my work here and here.

Enjoy and taste the experience.