I Think I Love You

Title: I Think I Love You
Author: Stephanie Bond
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: January 5, 2004
ISBN13: 9780312998813
Genre: Romance
Source: Bought

Sisters share everything in their closets, including skeletons.

Twenty years ago, the Metcalf sisters witnessed a murder and formed a pact of silence. Now their estranged and scattered because they fell in love with the same man--fiery Justine was engaged to handsome Dean Haviland; at the same time Dean was trying to bed mousy Regina, then jilted Justine at the alter to elope with their younger sister Mica.

Middle sister Regina Metcalf is a self help editor in Boston, always in search of a book that will help her sort out her own unfulfilled life. Ever the referee, she still feels responsible for not being able to keep her family together. Then her mother calls and asks her to come home to North Carolina - her parents are splitting and need help liquidating their antiques store. Regina agrees, even though she knows the trip home will dredge up ghosts.

Oldest sister Justine Metcalf is a ball busting executive for a cosmetic company in Pennsylvania. She has money, power, and great redheaded looks. But her penchant for other women's husbands backfires when a scorned wife comes after her. Justine decides an impromptu visit to her parents in North Carolina is in order.

To the outside world, youngest sister Mica Metcalf seems to have an ideal life--she's a gorgeous, successful hair model living in L.A., with celebrity lifestyle and handsome Dean Haviland on her arm. Both sisters wanted him, but she got him-- and unfortunately, his temper. Mica can't bring herself to leave him, until she learns of his cheating. She decides to retreat to her parents home in North Carolina to recuperate and ponder her next move.

When the sister converge at their childhood home, old wounds are laid open against the backdrop of liquidating their parents antiques business. And when Dean show up, things go from bad to worse.

My Thoughts:
Move over Nancy Drew!!! There's a new sleuth in town, Regina Metcalf!! Once again, Stephanie Bond has crafted a fast paced, edge of your seat, I can't believe THAT just happened story with a cast of dysfunctional characters that will keep you in suspense one minute and laughing the next. All her characters are strong, complicated, and full of life.

I found it hard to put this book down once I started reading and was sad I reached the final page. "I think I Love You" by Stephanie Bond is a wonderful addition to anyone's library.

My Rating: