Review: The Spider and the Stone

Title: The Spider and the Stone
Author:  Glen Craney
Publisher: Brigid's Fine Press
Publsihed: 2014
ISBN13: 9780981648408
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Author

Book Summary: 
As the 14th century dawns,  the brutal Edward Longshanks of England schemes to steal Scotland.  But a frail dark-skinned boy named James Douglas defies three Plantagenet kings and champions the cause of his wavering friend, Robert the Bruce, to lead the armies to the bloody fields of Bannockburn.  A thrilling saga of star crossed love and heroic sacrifice during the Scottish War of Independence.

My Thoughts:
Best Historical fiction I have read in years.  Glen Craney has brought to life a time that was fraught with danger.  His characters are vibrant and well rounded.  I was transported from my comfy chair to a time when comfort was hard to find.  Where men and women fought for an independence from England's rule.  Where hero's were made from common folk's and  the love of their country.

From the beginning to the end there is not a dull moment.  The fact and the fiction meld together seamlessly.  If I could give this book 10 willies I would.  But alas I can only give 5 and I do.

I look forward to reading more books from Glen Craney.

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  1. Thanks for generous comments, Nancy.

    Glen Craney


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