Feature: What Doesn't Kill Us by Nirina Stone

Book summary:
Lucy Reynolds has spent her life hiding from her inner demons and now that she's away at university, all she wants is to forget. But memories of her abuse-ridden childhood continue to plague her. In order to protect herself, Lucy has mastered the art of remaining seemingly anonymous, vowing to keep her secrets safe. 
When a secret society set their sights on her and another young woman, both will be powerless to resist their advances. When the other woman goes missing, Lucy wonders if she'll be next. 
Soon, dark secrets are shared, but is Lucy prepared for what she'll find out? Are some secrets just too horrible to reveal?

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Twitter: @nirinastone

Nirina Stone is a reader, occasional country-hopper, and indie author. She inhales literary novels, suspense, horror, speculative fiction and the odd comedy.
Her writing may or may not touch on all of the above.
As a kid, she'd often be caught under the blankets with a book and a torchlight until wee hours of the morning. That hasn't changed much (happiness = a kindle and a book light).
She lives in sunny Sydney Australia with her hubby, two awesome kids, and one crazy Tortie kitten.
To stay tuned on upcoming novels, visit www.nirinastone.com