Review: Wolf Bride

Title: Wolf Bride
Author: Elizabeth Moss
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published: May 5, 2015
Ebook, ARC
ASIN: B00Q3269J0
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: NetGalley


England, 1536

Bound to him against her will...

Lord Wolf, hardened soldier and expert lover, has come to King Henry VIII's court to claim his new bride: a girl who has intrigued him since he first saw her riding across the Yorkshire moors.

Eloise Tyrell, now lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn, has other ideas. She has no desire to submit to a man she barely knows and who - though she is loath to admit it - frightens her not a little.

Then comes that first kiss...

It awakens in both a fierce desire that bares them to the soul. But as the court erupts into scandal around the ill-fated Queen, Eloise sees first-hand what happens when powerful men tire of their wives.

Dare she surrender her body and her heart?

My Thoughts:

I love historical fiction, and especially historical fiction based on the Tudors. Though the Tudors have a colored history that reads better than most fiction. However, I couldn't resist the first book in a new series based around the Tudor court, Wolf Bride

Eloise is a young lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn. In this story, Anne is near the end of her life and is no longer a favorite of Henry VIII. Henry's eye is roaming for his next conquest. Before Henry can ensnare Eloise, her father comes to court to marry her off to someone she has no desire to wed: Lord Wolf. 

From the beginning their 'courtship' is unusual. They meet under awkward circumstances, but from the very first kiss, Eloise is intrigued by her future husband. However, Wolf is kinda a jerk. He's been hurt in the past, so he takes it out on Eloise. Also, he's very insulting to her without even realizing it. Her manners are gentile and hiss are rough. It's a great contrast. In fact this book reminds me a bit of Taming of the Shrew. But you'll have to read the book to figure out which one is the shrew. 

There were times that I really liked the characters and story line, but there were also times that I didn't. The thing I enjoyed most about this book is the historical aspect. The characters, however, were another story. Sometimes the characters seemed inconsistent with what the author was trying to portray. Their motivations seemed inconsistent and it left me confused and irritated. Overall though, it was an enjoyable read. I plan to check out the next book, Rebel Bride, before I make any hard-and-fast decisions on whether or not to continue with the series. 

My rating:


  1. One of these days I would like to see if I would like this one. I think I will just because of the historical context.


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