Interview with Julia Keanini

Hate is a powerful word, especially when you’re using it against your own reflection. 
In fourteen-year-old Lacey Steele’s world, being “skinny” equals no more caustic remarks comparing her to Shamu the Whale, meriting the attention of her ten-year crush aka the beautiful quarterback next door, and finally deserving her distant mother’s love- pretty much goddess status. But diets, nor health food, nor exercise bring Lacey desired results and her future looks everlastingly chubby.
Unexpectedly, Lacey and her friend Ashley stumble on an easier method. Extreme calorie cutting may seem a little drastic, but of course it’s better than … an eating disorder. Unfortunately, the easy route has a price neither girl planned to pay, but it comes due anyway, for one of them.
A story of hope and eventual acceptance, Skinniness is Next to Goddessness?Lacey’s Story, takes a brighter approach to an age old tale.
Book One in the Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Series.

1. Your books deal a lot with self image. What inspired 
you to write them? 

I had an eating disorder in high school and didn't even realize it. Scary, right? I was still eating (albeit 200-300 calories a day) and I wasn't throwing up so I thought I couldn't have a problem, could I? Luckily this lasted for only a few months and I didn't see any serious repercussions because of my actions, but my story helped me to have serious discussions with people and I found my experiences weren't that uncommon. I wanted to write a story for girls and guys who feel alone in their struggles, but I wanted to do it in a way that made people happy after they read and also feel and find hope in their own lives.

2. Is it hard writing about a subject that is so close to home?

I think it was more freeing than anything. Eating disorders are so hush, hush and most of the time when I would talk to people about them, we'd whisper. I realized how ridiculous that was and now, if I can help even one person, I want to shout my experiences from the rooftops :)

3. What would you say to someone who struggles with their self image?

You're not alone. You are beautiful. Because we are. We all are. It's so hard for me to say that about myself, but when it comes to others so easy to see. We can all learn together to find the beauty in each of us.

4. Currently there are four books in this series. Will their be a fifth book, or are you working on something different?

I am working on the prequel to the series, Sara's Story along with a fun romantic comedy that will either be a stand-alone or the first in another series. The Skinniness series will have a fifth book, Audrey's Story, along with a sequel to at least Anna's and Tina's Stories (they both felt incomplete when I wrote their last words).

5. What do you do when you're not writing?

I love spending time with my family, whether it be my son and husband or my four sisters and brother. I adore reading, cooking, playing games (especially card games), swimming, and shopping (total guilty pleasure). I also spend waaay too much time on social media.

Although my books deal with a really heavy subject and I worked hard to treat it with the respect it and its victims deserve, I also want to entertain with my books. I think and hope that I created a good balance between the two. Even if you've never dealt with body image issues, this series is one you will be glad you picked up (I hope) :) Besides the first book in the series is free. Can't lose with that, right? ;)

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