Giveaway: Jane Unwrapped

Some tombs should never be opened...
Fluorine uranium carbon potassium. Jane’s experiment really went wrong this time. After a fatal accident, teen scientist Jane becomes the first modern-day...mummy. Waking up in the Egyptian underworld without a heart certainly isn’t the best—especially when it means Anubis, god of embalming, has to devour her soul. Yuck. But when Jane meets the drop-dead gorgeous god, suddenly she's thinking this might not be the worst thing to happen. And then she is pushed to do the impossible—just time-travel and kill King Tut. Well, every experiment has variables which can end in disaster... Jane just wishes she could decide whether she wants to strangle Anubis or kiss him.

Thanks to Leah and Kate Rooper, I have a PDF copy of Jane Unwrapped to give away to a lucky reader. If you missed out on the excerpt posted earlier this week, click here to check it out. You must be at least 13 years old to enter. Please read our entire giveaway policy before entering. To enter, leave a comment below answering the question: What time period would you like to time travel to? Don't forget to include your email address. Best of luck! 


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