Review: Rebel Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court)

Title: Rebel Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court)
Author: Elizabeth Moss
Publisher: Sourcebooks Cassablanca
Published: December 1, 2015
Ebook, ARC
ISBN: 9781492613855
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: NetGalley


Hugh Beaufort, favored courtier of King Henry VIII, likes his women quiet and biddable. But Susannah Tyrell is neither of these things. She is feisty, beautiful, opinionated and brave. And Hugh is fascinated by her-despite himself.

When Susannah pulls an outrageous stunt and finds herself lost in the wilds of England, Hugh must go to her rescue. Neither of them is prepared for the dangers that lie in wait. But most deadly of all is their forbidden desire for one another. Hugh has long held himself in check, but even his iron will has its limits as they remain alone together in the forest, far from the restraints of court...

My Thoughts:

Elizabeth Moss has made quite the career in writing historical fiction. Her latest release is Rebel Bride, the second book in the Lust in the Tudor Court series. The Tudors make for an interesting side story, but the real star is Susannah, Eloise's younger sister from the previous book, Wolf Bride. While Eloise was more like Beatrice from The Taming of the Shrew, Susannah is more like Cleopatra. 

Susannah does not want to marry the man her father has chosen for her. She really would rather not to marry at all. Instead she seeks her independence from any man. Including the man she's wanted since she first laid eyes on him--Hugh Beaufort. 

"I will never be a wife, she insisted to herself, and in that instant was determined to make her own prophecy come true. Wives were dull and respectable creatures who sat at home, and sewed samples, and raised their husbands' children, and died in the dutiful throes of childbirth. She would never accept such a fate."

Hugh Beaufort in not in a position to take a wife, but he can't get the sweet Susannah out of his mind. The more she tries to push him away, the more he wants her. And if anyone knows how dangerous the Tudor court can be, it's Hugh. But how can he protect a woman who wants no protection? Who doesn't realize the ruin she can come to?

Rebel Bride takes place simultaneously as some of the events in Wolf Bride unfold. However, you need not read the first book to understand the second. Though, reading it might help to fully grasp the story line as the author makes reference to the previous events. Nothing too spoilery, though.

I enjoyed reading Susannah's story. From the first book, I wanted to see Hugh and Susannah come together. Both figuratively and literally. I did have preconceived notions of what was going to happen before I read this book, but I was glad that Moss surprised me and blew my suspicions out of the water. It's always nice when an author surprises you. I also was left in suspense as the book was drawing toward the end. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. But I was glad it ended the way it did.

Overall, I think fans of historical romance will enjoy this series. The next book is scheduled to come out in July, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up.