Review: Sketching Character

Title: Sketching Character
Author: Pamela Lynne
Publisher: Vanity and Pride Press
Published: September 25, 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction, Pride and Prejudice
Source: Author
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What if a tragic event involving a beloved sister shatters Elizabeth Bennet‘s confidence in her ability to accurately judge a person’s character? When she leaves Longbourn for Kent, Elizabeth’s heart is full of worry for those she left behind. She carries a secret that would ruin her family if exposed and she must deceive the ones closest to her to conceal the truth.

She unexpectedly encounters Mr. Darcy on her journey and his gentlemanly behavior confuses, yet comforts her. Their daily encounters in the woods surrounding Rosings soothes Elizabeth’s weathered conscience and she soon falls in love. Her doubts, along with the well-placed words of another, threaten to destroy the peace she finds in Darcy’s company and she wonders if she has again failed to correctly sketch his character.

When the truth behind her deception is uncovered, will Darcy shun her as Elizabeth fears, or will his actions prove that he is the very best of men?

My Thoughts:

The weather is dismal outside. For the past week we've fluctuated between severe weather (flooding and storms) or just humid and miserable. So the only thing to do is read (or in my case re-read) a book about a couple of fictional characters I can't get enough of--Elizabeth and Darcy.

In Sketching Character: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel, Elizabeth is having doubts about Darcy's character. She can't quite decide if he's honorable or a jerk. Because let's face it--Darcy can be a bit of an ass at times. Not only that, she's struggling with worry over her sister Lydia. A tragic event forces Lydia to regret some of her previous behaviors. This event can also lead to the ruin of all the Bennet sisters and lose Darcy's favor once and for all.

And this is a little spoilery, but I feel that it needs to be said for potential readers who might want to read this book but are sensitive to certain subjects: The tragic event that happens to Lydia is rape.

This is Pamela's second novel about two of the most beloved characters of all time. Her first book, Dearest Friends: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel came out in 2014. I have yet to read that one, but I purchased it after finishing Sketching Characters, which came out in September of 2015. So needless to say, I really enjoyed this book. There are some darker parts to this novel, but I feel it really added to the story line in making Elizabeth's fear of losing Darcy's good opinion because of the circumstance.

There were some aspects that I didn't quite agree with either. *SPOILER ALERT* Such as Darcy letting his sister spend time with Lydia after he finds out her secret. Not so much because he was being a jerk, but rather to protect Georgiana's innocence. But regardless it's a great read. I really enjoyed finding this new-to-me austenesque author. I hope Pamela Lynne has more Austen Inspired Novels up her sleeve, but in the meantime I have her first book to devour.

My Rating: