Five Things I'm Going To Miss About Downton Abbey

1. Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham 

I adore Maggie Smith and I can't imagine the character played by any other woman. It's as if Julian Felllowes wrote this character with her in mind. I'm going to miss her quick wit and snarky comments. 

2. The Fashion

I loved tuning in each week to see what the characters were wearing. 

3. The History

Downton Abbey was set during 1912-1925. Such an interesting time in history and so many changes. 

4. The Downstairs Staff

I loved them all for different reasons. Anna and Bates, Mr. Mosley, Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Even Thomas. 

5. The House

This is such a beautiful house and it made me wild with envy to think such a place exists and people actually live there. It was nice to get a glimpse inside such a wonderful place. 

What are you going to miss?


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