Last Week In Review (6)

What I'm Reading

I'm reading this for an upcoming book tour. Here's a quick blurb: When the 8th Earl of Staton dies, his eldest son, the unreliable Richard, inherits the title and the family’s home—Hembry Castle. The Earl's niece, the American-born Daphne, is intrigued by Edward Ellis, a rising author with a first-hand knowledge of Hembry Castle—from the servants’ hall. And Edward, though captivated by the lovely Daphne, has his own hurdles he must overcome. Can Richard come to terms with his title before bringing ruin on his family? Will Edward and Daphne find their way to each other despite the obstacles of life at Hembry Castle?

Very Downton Abbeyish! 

I grew up watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie, so I'm so excited to read this!

What I Finished Reading

Lost Among the Living by Simone St. James

What I'm Watching

I'm on season two of Gilmore Girls. I'm so excited to learn that Melissa McCarthy is joining the revival. 

I also have some movies in my to-watch list that I hope to get to this week.

New Books

I did receive some new books last week, but I didn't have time to photograph them. I'll make sure to do it next week. 

Challenge Update

I'm still working on this as well. It was a week where I didn't get much done-reading challenge-wise. Hopefully, I'll have more info on it next week.

But I Did Do Something Really Cool 

I went to a Mumford and Sons Concert!!!! It was really great. This was the first time I've seen them play live and they put on an excellent show. I highly recommend it. In addition to that, my husband and I stayed at a really cool bed and breakfast.

This was our bedroom: 

I really liked our stay here. I think if it is at all possible we'll stay in a B&B when we travel, instead of a hotel. 

I hope you had a great week. Let me know what you're reading!