Last Week In Review (15)

Happy Fourth of July!!!

What I'm Reading

Still making progress with this audio book. I have about four hours left in it. 

Simply Dickens is a short, but informative, book about Charles Dickens. At about 90 pages, it shouldn't take me that long to finish.

What I Finished

Huzzah! I have something to report. Last week was better reading-wise for me.

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I read The Scorch Trials for #DashnerDash. This is a re-read of the entire series, but it's a first time reading for me. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

What I'm Watching

I've pretty much have been binge watching Gilmore Girls for the last week. Luke and Lorelei just got back together. Emily is being a bit of the B-word. And Rory is dating Logan and others as well.

New Books

The Light of Paris has the most amazing blue cover to it. 

Reading Challenge Update

I posted my thoughts on Beowulf here.

And I completed The Scorch Trials for the #DashnerDash

I hope you had a fruitful week, and at least got a little reading done. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!