Review: What This Story Needs is A Munch and a Crunch and Paddington Sets Sail

Title: What This Story Needs is a Munch and a Crunch
Author: Emma J. Virjan
Publisher: Harper
Published: May 10, 2016
Hardcover, 40 pages
ISBN: 9780062415295
Genre: Children's Fiction
Source: Publisher

About the book: 

Join Pig and her friends in another fun read-aloud adventure as they figure out a way to keep the picnic fun and games going, even with a little rain.

What this story needs
is a pig in a wig
baking bread,
pouring punch,
and meeting a friend for a picnic lunch.

But just as the outdoor fun and games get started, a thunderstorm rolls in and it turns out what this story really needs is . . . another place to eat!

My Thoughts:

From the author of What This Story Needs Is a Pig in a Wig and What This Story Needs Is a Hush and a Shush, comes the latest adventure of Pig in What This Story Needs Is a Munch and a Crunch. In this adventure Pig is gearing up for a picnic, but when her picnic gets rained out, Pig must come up with an alternate plan to keep the party going.

This book is perfect for beginner readers. Not only is it highly entertaining with fun artwork, it has repeat and rhyming words to help expand the child's sight vocabulary. The story is cute and will keep the child's attention. Pig is sure to become one of their favorite literary characters.

Author: Michael Bond
Publisher: Harper
Published: May 3, 2016
Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN: 978006243556
Genre: Children's Fiction
Source: Publisher

About the book:

Paddington’s first trip to the beach is a day to remember as he explores the sandy shore and is swept off on a grand adventure!

Michael Bond’s classic character will charm beginning readers with his curious nature and heartwarming intentions.

Paddington Sets Sail is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.

My Thoughts:

I Can Read! is great to help kids find their current reading level. And with so many characters to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your child's interest. I used these books when my kids started to read and they loved them. 

Paddington has been one of my favorite characters since I was a child. I can't remember exactly when I was introduced to him, but I can't help but think fondly of him to this day. In this latest Paddington novel, Paddington Sets Sail, the lovable bear falls asleep after a fun-filled day at the beach and wakes up to find he has been swept out to sea. Paddington's first trip to the beach turns out to be quite an adventure.

Paddington Sets Sail is a great book for readers who are just learning to read. It has short sentences with words kids will easily recognize. Books about Paddington are always fun to read and kids will follow along excitedly as Paddington goes on his adventure. This is a great book to add to your children's library.