7 Unique and Amazing Gifts to Buy for a Family Nerd

7 Unique and Amazing Gifts to Buy for a Family Nerd

The holidays are fast approaching, and as early as now, you should start thinking of gift ideas for your family. Each member differs in personality, so, their likes and interests would vary. In this article, you can find amazing gifts for your family nerd — the one who loves anything related to learning.

1. Planets USPS Forever Stamps
These stamps are color-enhanced to emphasize the surface texture and composition of the planets. It can be an exquisite gift for someone who’s into science, particularly with the planets. It’s also a good way to motivate the enthusiasm and personality of your science-lover family member.

2. Beaker Tea Infuser
This is a tea infuser, which is shaped like a beaker — just perfect for your family member who’s interested in anything related to chemistry and science stuff. This will hold their favorite tea or spices in a glass container. Submerge the container into a mug and Eureka! A tea that looks like a cool science experiment can be made!

3. 3D Cube Puzzle Box
Based on a brain teaser from the ancient times, this 3D Cube Puzzle Box will be a perfect gift for someone who likes to challenge themselves. No one can resist long hours of fun and extreme mind-use with this game; children and adults alike are really into this stuff. To use, the puzzle will be dismantled, and the objective will start: put the pieces together to have it back in the original cube shape. Although it looks easy at first glance, it is very hard and challenging.

4. Outer Space Wall Mural
Any science-lover would be thrilled to find out that a wall (especially if it’s their room) has turned into a mini-representation of their favorite topic of interest: the Outer Space. He/she would love his/her room more if it has a mural of the vast outer space. It’s a very creative idea that can be done as a gift for your loved one who is interested in astronomy. It will also look very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. Unique gifts like this will always make the receiver glad and satisfied.

5. Pocket Microscope
The small and portable microscope is a must-have item for any science geek. A pocket microscope is very easy to use; it can even be a gift even for young ones. It’s an inexpensive and very educational gift that will ensure a fun and learning for the recipient. It can serve as an introduction to the scientific world, or enhance his/her knowledge and curiosity about anything science-related, and this might awaken the scientist in him/her.

6. Chemist’s Spice Rack
A fun way to spice up your kitchen, this ‘Chemist’s Spice Rack’ will have the feel of being in a scientific laboratory. It’s a holder for spices, of course, with a scientific twist: the containers are in the shape of test tubes and comes with stickers that can be used for labeling within a Periodic Table-ish way. There are also Erlenmeyer flasks for salt, pepper, sugar, and oil) which are labelled with scientific abbreviations.

7. Deep Space Wallet
Your family nerd will love this wallet that has a design inspired by the deep outer space. A starry galaxy will greet him/her every time he/she holds the wallet. It’s a very great gift idea for someone who is interested in anything related to the outer space, especially for science geeks. The stunning images of space make these wallets entertaining and informative as well.
There are thousands of gift ideas for your family nerd who digs scientific stuff. Gifts that entail learning, fun, and science will be perfect, and he/she will surely be thrilled to have any of these amazing gifts!