Foster An Author Day 4 + A Giveaway

Not many people know the backstory to Awaken.  The first part of the story was actually released as a novella (with a different title) in early 2015. Fans wrote to us asking for more of Lacey & Cooper so we completed their story with a well-deserved HEA. In Awaken, Lacey gets a second chance at life after battling breast cancer.  To rev up her lost libido, she decides to accept her friend’s invitation to visit a sex club.  From that moment, the course of Lacey’s life changes. 

"This is one dripping, delicious and salacious story of sexual awakening!" 


"A heartbreaking, soul mending and steamy" Romance
Hosted by Ozlo and Priya Grey

We're a husband & wife writing team that collaborates to write contemporary romances. If you haven't read any of our books, we hope this will be your first but not your last. Good luck!