Maia Graystone Interview + A Giveaway

October is the month of fears, and we're going on tour with some of our favorite authors to talk about what their main characters are afraid of. What keeps them up at night? What nightmare has them waking in a cold sweat? Each day, we'll feature a new main character and delve deep into their subconscious to see what they fear. And each day, you'll have a chance to enter to win some awesome prizes! Maia Greystone is the fierce main character from Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey. You'd think that a girl brave enough to enter the trials and pit herself against the Emperor wouldn't have many fears, but Audrey may have discovered otherwise in her interview...

Maia Graystone Interview

Maia has just been pulled from Emerald Island where the Trials to win safety from the
asteroid are taking place.

Side note:
Before we began this interview, I suggested Maia sit in a chair, but she refused. In all honesty, her actions (pacing, insisting on checking the room for weapons twice) and anxious demeanor suggest a scrappy, stubborn young woman.

Hello, Miss Graystone, and thank you for accepting this interview.

*wringing hands*: Oh, I didn’t know I had a choice. I thought . . .

You thought?

Is the Emperor here? Or my mother? *Scans the room, her fingers toying with
a small, plain dagger at her waist
* Did they put you up to this?

No, no. You’re safe, Maia . . . for the moment. It’s just the readers and me
right now. The readers would like to know your worst fear. Can you describe it
for them?

*frowns* My worst fear? Where do I start? *Gives a small laugh* I
mean, the asteroid coming to make half the planet uninhabitable comes to mind.

Is that your worst fear, then?

Well, my brother, Max, being stuck here when she hits. That’s a big part of it.
I mean, he’s only a kid. And he doesn’t take things very seriously. My parents used
to let him get away with everything, the
imp! He’s not built for this world, where you have to be hard and cruel to

Is there a safe place for you, away from the asteroid?

Yeah, the fancy space station called Hyperion, designed for the Emperor and his
court of Golds. The Royalists are accepting four Bronzes. But If I don’t win
the Trials, then Max and I will be left here to die.

So, then, your worst fear is not winning the Trials?

*Chews her lip* I think my worst
fear isn’t just letting Max down again, but . . . the Archduchess finding him.

ME: And who is she?

MAIA: *toys with her dagger* The Emperor’s deranged,
psychopathic lapdog? Everyone knows her—or, rather, everyone wants to not know
her—because everyone that meets her winds up dead. You see, when the Emperor
wants to find someone, he uses her. She’s been looking for Max and me for over
seven years, and if she finds us--*shudders*--well, let’s just say that
can’t ever happen. I’ll do whatever I have to to keep her away from Max.

ME: Is that why you let yourself be reconstructed
into this new image?

MAIA: *Twists her new, sleek red hair between her
* It’s so she won’t recognize me at the Trials. I like it, but . . .
well, I miss the old me, too.

ME: All right, I think we’ve uncovered your biggest
fear for the readers. Anything else you want to tell them before you go back to
the Trials?

MAIA: Yes. Don’t ever give up fighting to save those
you love. Even if it seems impossible to win, even if it is impossible to win, never give up and never surrender.

*Maia gets up to leave, the beautiful, open-back
emerald-green gown she wears glinting in the soft light

Good luck, Maia. I hope you win and save your brother.

*Maia pauses, but doesn’t turn around*

I will. Whatever it takes.

about the book

The asteroid hurtling toward the earth will kill billions.

The Emperor and his Gold Court will be safe in their space station, watching from the stars. The Silvers will be protected underground. But the Bronzes must fight it out at the Shadow Trials for the few remaining spots left on the space station.

When an enigmatic benefactor hands Maia Graystone a spot in the Trials, she won’t just get a chance at salvation for her and her baby brother, Max: She gets to confront the mother who abandoned her in prison, the mad Emperor who murdered her father, and the Gold prince who once loved her. But it’s the dark bastard prince she’s partnered with that will make her question everything, including her own heart. With the asteroid racing closer every day, Maia must trust someone to survive. The question is who?