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Giveaway: Dragon's Bayne

To celebrate the release of the fourth book in the Dr. Wolf series, Cheree Alsop is giving away the first four books in the series! 

Rumors of a dragon have rattled Edge City along with mangled bodies that throw a light of distrust on Dr. Wolf. Protestors warn against the werewolf doctor while Dr. Wolf pushes himself to the limits to save more fae that have fallen through the rift into a scared city. A new foe surfaces. Desperate to save Lilian, Aleric goes back to Blays. But when he finds the city of his youth under attack from terrifying creatures, Dr. Wolf realizes he might be the only one who can save it. Torn between protecting his home or saving the woman he loves, Dr. Wolf faces a fight that might destroy them all.
Author Bio:Cheree Alsop is an award-winning, best-selling author who has published 38 books, including two series through Stonehouse Ink. She is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with joy and laughter. She is married…

Review: Roald Dahl: A Biography

Title: Roald Dahl: A Biography Author: Jeremy Treglown Publisher: Open Road Media Published: June 28, 2016 ISBN: 9781504038591 Ebook Genre: Biography Source: Publisher
A New York Times Notable Book: A revealing look at the famous twentieth-century children’s author who brought us The BFGand Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Few writers have had the enduring cultural influence of Roald Dahl, who inspired generations of loyal readers. Acclaimed biographer Jeremy Treglown cuts no corners in humanizing this longstanding immortal of juvenile fiction.

Roald Dahl explores this master of children’s literature from childhood—focusing a tight lens on the relationship between Dahl and his mother, who lovingly referred to him as “Apple”—through to his death. Treglown deftly navigates Dahl’s time as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force, exploring how the experience transformed many of the beliefs that influenced the English writer’s work, including The Gremlins, which was commissioned by …

Last Week In Review (28)

I took last week off for a little R&R. I'm not sure how much I actually got because my house was full of people. I ate lots of food and watched lots of television. But I did manage to get a little reading done too.

What I'm Currently Reading

I made some progress with Britt-Marie last week. It's so good!

I'm listening to this with my kids. I read the book awhile back, but the audiobook is better! 
What I Finished This book was a recommendation by a friend, who was upset that I didn't finish it in a day. Despite that, I really enjoyed reading this book. I've since passed it on to another and there seems to be a waiting list forming to read this book. 

Witches of America was an interesting read. I need to gather my thoughts about it before I write the review. 
What I Watched
Last night I watched the season finale of Poldark. I can't believe it's over already.

I had some friends over on Friday and we binged-watched all four episodes. In a way it came ar…


Happy Thanksgiving! We've decided to take the week off from To Read, or Not To Read for some rest and relaxation. This Thanksgiving is a first for my family. We usually go to my mother-in-law's house for the feast, but as some of you know, she passed away in February after battling cancer for two years. This year we all seem to have lost our bearings.

But life moves on and so must we. My mother is hosting Thanksgiving at her house this year. She insisted on doing all the cooking herself. Which is quite the opposite of what my husband and I are used to. We are in charge of bringing the drinks, though. So at least that's something. But it also feels bereft at the same time. And all though I am looking forward to Thursday, it's Friday that I am excited about. You might think I'm talking about shopping, but I'm not. I'm talking about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

I have been avoiding all mentions of the above in social media. I've not clicked on any l…

Review: The Real Peter Pan: The Tragic Life of Michael Llewelyn Davies

Title: The Real Peter Pan Author: Piers Dudgeon Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books Published: July 12, 2016 Hardcover, 416 pages ISBN: 9781250087799 Genre: Biography Source: Publisher
Summary The world has long been captivated by the story of Peter Pan and the countless movies, plays, musicals, and books that retell the story of Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys. Now, in this revealing behind-the-scenes book, author Piers Dudgeon examines the fascinating and complex relationships among Peter Pan's creator, J.M. Barrie, and the family of boys who inspired his work.

After meeting the Llewelyn Davies family in London's Kensington Garden, Barrie struck up an intense friendship with the children and their parents. The innocence of Michael, the fourth of five brothers, went on to influence the creation of Barrie's most famous character, Peter Pan. Barrie was so close to the Llewelyn Davies family that he became trustee and guardian to the boys following the deaths of their parents. Al…

COVER REVEAL: Mine, Forever


Mine, Forever (Deadly Women, Book One) Author: Kate Bonham Book One Cover Designer: Desiree DeOrto Edited by: Swish Editing & Design  Genre: Dark Romance Release: 16 December 2016
She's mine.
Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I knew there was something about her but I had to be sure.
I had to know she was like me.
Now, after what I've put her through, I own her.
But they keep trying to pull her away from me.
They keep trying to destroy my world forcing me to unleash hell on earth to keep her in my arms.


I’m broken, alone and hated by my own family. 
When Jett Black walks into my life, I know I'm not safe.
Not safe from him, not safe from anyone and yet I can't get enough of him.
He's my savior in every way, shape and form. 
Finally, after years I felt as if I was on the right path until forces try to tear us apart – forces which are trying to kill me. 

But I won’t give him up – he’s mine...forever. 

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Last Week In Review (27)

What I'm Currently Reading

What I Finished I didn't finish any books, but I did make progress in the books that I'm currently reading.
What I'm Watching
I can't wait to find out who's under the sheet!

Watching Poldark is the best part of my week.
Things of Note December's New Books on the Block form is now live:

Review: Kubrick's Game

Title: Kubrick's Game Author: Derek Taylor Kent Publisher: Evolved Publishing Published: September 26, 2016 Paperback, 363 pages ISBN: 978-1-62253-457-7 Genre: Mystery Source: Author
About the Book: Shawn Hagan, a college film student obsessed with legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, discovers hidden clues in his movies which lead him on a harrowing quest toward a mysterious treasure that Kubrick left behind. Endangered by sinister groups on the same quest, Shawn has no choice but to claim the prize first because in the wrong hands … "It has the power to change the course of history."

My Thoughts: In 1999, my husband and I went to the theater and watched Eyes Wide Shut. I remember leaving the movie feeling uncertain about what I had witnessed. I wasn't the only one though. Several others were commenting on their way out that this was the strangest movie they had ever seen. But if they had been familiar with Stanley Kubrick's films, they might have expected to be …

A Writer's Consultation With A Bestselling Author

A Writer's Consultation With A Bestselling Author

Whether you just started thinking about writing your first novel, are jumping in head first with National Novel Writing Month in November, or are a seasoned author, you can always gain invaluable insight from speaking to a peer, especially one as respected as Lisa Gardner.

Bestselling author of RIGHT BEHIND YOU, FIND HER, and more, Lisa Gardner offers her thoughts and advice in this one-hour phone consultation. Click here for details and to enter sweepstakes. (or copy and paste this into your browser:

Lisa GardnerLisa Gardner is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of eighteen previous novels, including her most recent, Find Her. Her Detective D. D. Warren novels include Find Her, Fear Nothing, Catch Me, Love You More, and The Neighbor, which won the International Thriller of the Year Award. Her FBI Profiler Novels include Gone, The Next Accident, and The Thir…

December's NBOTB form is live!

December is almost here and it's time to sign up for December's New Books on the Block. What is New Books on the Block? It's a feature where we highlight recently released books. If you have a book that you'd like featured, please fill out the form below. December's feature will be posted on December 2.


3 Fun Halloween Books That You Can Read Anytime!

Halloween Hijinks - A Zoe Donovan Mystery
By: Kathi Daley

Amid the backdrop of zombies on the run and Halloween festivities, animal control officer Zoe Donovan is faced w loosing something she loves to save someone she loves when she finds a dead body in the basement of a haunted house just two days before Halloween. With the help of her best friends, Levi and Ellie, and her dog Charlie, she delves into a mystery as complex and multilayered as the feelings for her ex-nemesis Zac Zimmerman.

Halloween Hijinks is a perfect recipe, combining holiday fun and a touch of humor, a pinch of romance, and a dollop of murder.

Zoe's Treasure Hunt: Zoe and Charlie et a mysterious stranger at the hospital while doing therapy rounds. The man is in town searching for a seventy year old treasure. When he is unable to continue the journey into the past himself, Zoe and Charlie take over with the help of Poppy and a few of his friends.

My thoughts:

This is the first book in the series " A Zoe…

Q&A with MK McClintock

1. What is it about the 1800's that fascinates you? - I usually say it’s because life was simpler, but that’s not entirely true. Life was simpler in many ways, and in my imagination that amounts to none of the modern distractions we have today. For me, it’s escaping from the modern world and living in a time when people had to slow down enough to give thought to every little task. Of course, 1800s in rural Montana Territory was different from the 1800s in a city, but it’s the simplicity and purity of life back then that draws me to it. 
2. Montana is a gorgeous state. Why did you choose it as your setting? - It is gorgeous. When I first moved to Montana, I liked to boast that we had fewer than one million people and I wouldn’t like see it go over that number in my lifetime. I was quite wrong, and in many ways the state has changed so much—too much—for me. Except, I still remember what it was like the first time I saw it. I was in awe of the mountains that were as impressive as thos…

Last Week in Review (26)

What I'm Currently Reading
The Traveler's Gift came highly recommended from a friend.

Witches of America is very interesting so far.

I've only read a few pages of  The Jane Austen Writers' Club so far. I'll keep you posted. What I Finished Reading
This is a great series on Charles II. I'll have a review coming shortly of the entire series.

The small book has an abundance of information. 

Review will be coming shortly of Kubrick's Game. What I'm Watching
Who is under the sheet?!?

I absolutely love this series! 💓💓💖💖💖💗💗💗 Reading Challenge Update
I listened to this on Halloween. Definitely a classic!

What are you reading?