Interview With Never a Dream authors, Polina Traore and Dana Kaledin

When Rain - a dreamy designer - buys an antique cross, she begins to see visions of her previous life in her lucid dreams. A series of accidental events begin to bring the people from her dreams into her real life: Charlie - a quirky girl from the pub, Matt - an aspiring rock star, and Ed - a jaded club owner. If there is something they all share - it’s a burnt down mansion, a small ominous town, and a century-old legend about two crosses.

"Never a Dream" tells two touching love stories.
As friendships grow, relationships get destroyed, and dreams find their way into reality, will Rain, Matt, Charlie, and Ed ever find their way to each other?

1.Who would you like to have been in a previous life?
Polina: An alien, I have no clue what went down on other planets, but the possibility of having options in another life too sounds like fun! 

Dana: A time traveller, so I don’t need to choose a particular time!

2. How did you come up with the pseudonym, Darren H. Pryce?

Polina: Those are actually the first letters of our first names, and a random middle name :). But we decided to ditch Darren, and go with our own names instead. It makes a lot of things easier. 

3. What are some of the biggest challenges the characters face in Never a Dream?

Polina: I would say, making the right choice.  At some point, all four face this moment when you have to act or regret forever. Some choose to act, some don’t. But there are always consequences, and we ask whether you really regret not doing something in the long run more than doing it? 

Dana: I’d say the biggest challenge for all the characters was to accept who they really are and what do they really want in their lives.

4. What is your greatest fear? 

Polina: I’m afraid of everything, I’m afraid of my cat even.

Dana: open wounds.

5. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Polina: How do you answer this question without sounding too cold or too mushy? I must say that if it’s a “what”— it’s music. Music inspires me, and never fails to impress. A “who” — this question needs to be asked 50 or more years later. Because only time will tell.

Dana: what if change my mind not even in 50 years, but tomorrow? :) Ask me in the last day of my life :)

Polina’s twitter: @pollytraore
Dana’s twitter: @tanhi_rim

Polina Traore and Dana Kaledin are two writers from Saint-Petersburg, authors of “Never A Dream”. Polina has a specialist degree in journalism, she’s passionate about writing, comic books, and gaming. Dana is a graphic designer, she is interested in history, art, and antiques. You can always find us either loudly exchanging fresh ideas in a pub, while normal people watch football, or at the local karaoke, singing rock hits.