From Boy Bands to Children: Interview with Maria Watts

1. You're a working mom with two small children. When and where do you find time to write?

Time is always an issue. I usually write when my family is asleep. Then I snuggle up on the couch with my blanket, a cup of tea and my laptop. In the solitude and calmness of the night, I get totally immersed in the story and the words just keep flowing.

2. Music and boy bands are your passion. Which boy band is your favorite?

I know that the question which boy band is the "best" can almost become a battle of faith for some fans. They argue that there can only be one and hate all the rest. I never was like that, but honestly liked most boy bands in the history of pop. This is probably because I enjoy the concept of a boy band, the whole set-up, the kind of guys, the kind of music. For me this is an outlet to have careless and harmless fun.

3. Is Chris Mulligan inspired by anyone particular? 

The main male character of my book Chris Mulligan was inspired by Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block. To come back to the last question, New Kids on the Block were the first boy band that caught my attention, so they will always hold a special place in my heart. My story "The Sound of Love" was inspired by my own experiences and observations I made when I had the chance to follow NKOTB on the UK leg of their tour way back in the 90s.

But even though the story was inspired by a boy band, it is not a fan fiction about a boy band. Far from it! It is a story about falling in love for the very first time, yet it is not a sweet and innocent love story. It is a venture onto the darker and sometimes even destructive side of love. A journey of self-discovery and of wondering whether you can hold on to your values and beliefs when the world around you slowly shatters into pieces.

And what if you are too blinded by love to realize the person you fell for is not the one you imagined and you are only chasing an image, the mere “sound of love”? How long will you hold onto your love and believe in making amends? While the ultimate question remains: Can a person truly change for the sake of love?

4. The Sound of Love is the first book in The Sound series. How many books do you have planned?

Once the series is complete, there will probably be four books. I have the complete story already outlined in my head, but it is difficult to approximate how long it will be when I put it all into words. But I'll guess four books is a good assumption. The story will always evolve around Nina and Chris, but Nathan, who has become somewhat of a secret hero for some of my readers, will also play a more prominent role in the coming books.

5. List your five favorite Songs.

With so much beautiful music around, this is a really tough question. I will go for the first five songs that come to my mind:
- Moondance by Van Morrison
- Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
- She's so High by Tal Bachman
- Just give me a Reason by PINK
- One sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men
Did you notice I did not mention one single song from a boy band? LOL :)