Last Week In Review (32)

Last Week In Review . . . or rather Last Few Weeks In Review

I hope your holidays were fantastic! My holidays were good. I haven't posted LWIR for a few weeks because I took a vacation of sorts. More of a blog vacation. There's really no vacations around the holidays, for me at least. Endless social and kid activities kept me pretty busy. I've also had house guests for the past few weeks. Which is kinda killing the introvert in me. I so badly want some alone time. Hopefully, that will happen soon. In the meantime, here's my bookish and not-so-bookish activities for the last few weeks.

What I'm Currently Reading

A Perilous Undertaking is the second book in the Veronica Speedwell Mystery series. I love Deanna Raybourn's writing. I'm so excited to continue this series. My review is scheduled for next week. So stay tuned! 

I'm listening to Scrappy Little Nobody on audio. I love to listen to memoirs on audio when narrated by the author. I didn't know a lot about Anna Kendrick before listening to this book, so it's quite interesting. 

What I Finished

Expect Great Things was the only book I finished over the holidays. I didn't have a lot of reading time, which I think was part of the reason I felt so stressed. However, this book was pretty interesting. You can read my review here.

What I Watched

I won't bore you by listing all the holiday movies I watched, but I did manage to catch up on some movies that I've been wanting to see. 

2016-2017 Book Challenges

I completely bombed my 2016 book challenges. When I was able to participate in them, I loved it. But 2016 held a lot of non-bookish challenges that really turned me upside down. Cancer took two people from my life. I lost my mother-in-law in February and a dear friend in November. So my main challenge became just trying to move forward. 

This year I'm taking a different approach to reading challenges. As usual, I signed up for the Goodreads challenge, but I decreased the number of books I hope to read. Last year I read 75 books, this year: 52. This is the only challenge I've signed up for or plan to sign up for. This year is all about taking better care of myself and reducing stress. Plus I have a few books sitting on my bookshelf that I really want to read. 

It's also funny how my bookish tastes have changed. Lately, I'm interested in biographies and memoirs. I still love many other genres, but I seem to gravitate toward those two more than others. This year looks to be great bookish-wise, with all the new releases. I can't wait to read my way through 2017! 

What genres do you like?