Last Week In Review (35)

On a Personal Note

Last week I learned that my grandma was very ill. In fact, the last two years have been difficult for her. On Saturday she passed away. To say I'm grieved would be putting it mildly, but she's finally at peace and so I must make peace with it as well. She was an amazing woman and I will spend the rest of my life missing her. 

Currently Reading

Aspiring author Meredith Harper owns the hottest bookstore in Savannah.

Michael Black is her favorite writer—long thought dead—until he mysteriously approaches Meredith with a new manuscript, and a most unusual offer. Meredith can keep the manuscript to herself, or publish it under her own name. 

Her decision results in a bestseller, but the novel contains a coded secret; one that will put her on trial for murder and in hiding from "the blood stalker," proving too late that making a deal with the devil comes at a heavy price.

What I Finished

What I Watched

I highly recommend both!

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That's my bookish week. Now I want to know:
What are you reading?

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