Tangasm and more: Interview with Mikhaila Stettler

Sex and the City meets Fear of Flying on the dance floor.

It’s now or never for Alexis. She’s determined to reinvent herself and make her mark, but when she falls in love with Argentine tango, romance gets in the way.

Newly divorced transplant to Los Angeles, Alexis takes up Argentine tango as a way to meet people, but really to resuscitate her comatose sexuality from the deep freeze that was her marriage. She knew she was a goner right after that first tangasm, a fabled phenomenon and here she is having multiples right out the gate.

Tango sets something loose in her, something wild and hungry. She enters a series of romantic misadventures with the men who give her tangasms on the dance floor but her usual good judgment is confused by shape-shifting lovers and past-life scenes bleeding through into present reality. When her recklessness puts her life in danger, she freaks out. She resolves to focus on work. No more romance. Not until she can heal and trust herself again.

Then Nico enters Alexis’s life and rocks her world. It’s the biggest opportunity of her career. She can’t blow it by getting romantically entangled with the client. Yet if her dreams are true, this isn’t the first time they’ve met. When a former self from a past life barges in, things come to a head. From the sexy milongas of Los Angeles to stylish Milan and sultry Rio, Alexis ignites a passion she never knew and discovers the power of reinvention.

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1. Let's jump right into it: What is a tangasm?
A tango-induced full body orgasmic experience on the dance floor. I’ll give it you straight from the book: 
“The fabled tangasm is a phenomenon characterized by the intense full body pleasure you feel in the arms of a partner with whom you have a uniquely intimate and alchemical connection. A tangasm is accompanied by an electric charge just beneath the skin that sensitizes all your nerve receptors and telegraphs urgent messages to your pussy. A tangasm leaves you weak in the knees and wet in your panties, like you just got well and thoroughly fucked. A tangasm can make you want to have sex with a man you don’t even want to date. A tangasm stops time and alters reality. A tangasm led to my downfall. A tangasm, I come to find out, is an event as rare as a unicorn sighting.”

2. Tango plays a major role in your novel and your personal life. What draws you to this dance?
I’ve always loved to dance and started out as a dance/choreography major at New York University. I had danced salsa for a couple of years and wanted something more elegant and sophisticated. I was drawn to the controlled intensity and passion of Argentine tango. Once I got enough technique under my belt that I could follow a basic lead, I began to experience the true gifts of tango: heightened awareness in the present moment, intimate connection with a partner, moment-by-moment improvisation and attunement to the music. At its best, tango puts me in a state of total immersion, connection, expression and mindfulness – like a highly creative moving mediation. 

3. What do you think people misunderstand most about you?
I appear to be a vivacious extrovert but I’m really something of a mystic who requires lots of quiet solitude and time for inner contemplation. 

4. What are your goals for this year?
My number one goal is to share the world of PINK DIAMONDS with as many readers as possible. I want to give my readers pleasure, to delight and entertain them, to turn them on. My other goal is to write the sequel. We all can't wait to find out what happens with Alexis and Nico!

5. What's your perfect day like?

A perfect day would start off in a tropical seaside locale and include yoga, swimming and water adventures, a solid 3-4 hours productive writing or art-making session, a massage, feasting with friends and family on fabulous fresh organic food, an evening of live music and dancing under the stars, finished off with ecstatic love play with my beloved partner.