Northanger Abbey, Insomnia, and How to Get Away With Murder: Last Week In Review (39)

Is it snowing where you are? It's not here. The weather has been all over the place. Today it's cold and rainy. I had a battle with insomnia over the past few days, but last night I was able to sleep through the night. I can't tell you how much that helped! We also bought a new mattress. It's comfortable, but I'm still not used to it yet. That may have also contributed to my lack of sleep.

Needless to say, I wasn't very productive. I'm still reading The Enemies of Versailles (The Mistresses
of Versailles Trilogy #3) by Sally Christie. This book will be released on March 21. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. So far, I'm liking it. I'm also listening to Northanger Abbey and the History of England (Annotated) read by Alison Arkin. I like Alison's voice. And I'm loving revisiting Austen's Gothic novel.

I felt a little lost Sunday with Victoria finished. I'm looking forward to To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters to air March 26. I read that this feature is based off of their many letters. I watched The Mindy Project again. I felt a little better about this episode than I did the last. I also caught up on the last three episodes on How To Get Away With Murder. Viola Davis is a brilliant actress. I'm so glad she won the Oscar.

After I finish the books I'm currently reading, I plan to read A Death by Any Other Name by Tessa Arlen. This book releases tomorrow, so be sure to grab your copy. This is the third book in the Lady Montfort Mystery series. I read the first two books and absolutely adored them!

One last thing, I was able to attend the HarperCollins 2017 Blogger Summer Preview last week. I'll be sharing these new titles with you this week. So many good books to look forward to. Your TBR will explode!

Now that the seasons of Victoria and How To Get Away With Murder are over. What should I watch next?