Dream Magic
by Joshua Khan

Praise for Shadow Magic:
"If you are pining for that thrill you felt when you first discovered Harry Potter […]
here is a fantasy world you will lose yourself in. I defy you not to love this story."
—Rick Riordan, #1 New York Times bestselling author

DREAM MAGIC (On Sale April 11, 2016) by Joshua Kahn is an immersive high fantasy middle grade stand-alone novel, the second in the Shadow Magic series. With the fresh use of fantasy tropes, this book follows the adventures of a heroine from the ominous Shadow Realm, a sympathetic executioner, and a boy who forms an attachment to a giant bat instead of a dragon. Funny, fast-paced, and suspenseful, DREAM MAGIC is utterly addicting fantasy fun.

Things are dire for the inhabitants of Castle Gloom and the surrounding villages. The undead are leaving their graves in droves, a troll army is on the march from the north, and people are mysteriously disappearing from their homes. The people of Gehenna are blaming their misfortunes on Lilith Shadow, their young queen. They believe she has cursed them by using magic, a practice forbidden to women. With her trusty executioner among the missing and her blackguard soldiers busy battling trolls, it is up to Lily and her friend Thorn to root out the real cause of all the trouble. Their search will uncover ugly truths and eventually lead to a nightmarish confrontation with nothing less than the rulership of the realm at stake.

Zombies, ghosts, trolls, dream weavers, a black-hearted villain, and a giant hero bat are only some of the imaginative delights that await readers in DREAM MAGIC by Joshua Khan,
a soaring adventure combined with a hair-raising mystery.

JOSHUA KAHN was born in Britain, a land filled with ancient castles, dark forests, and tales of legendary heroes and fantastical monsters. His head stuffed with magical stories, it was inevitable that Joshua would want to create some of his own. Hence SHADOW MAGIC and DREAM MAGIC. Josh lives in London with his family, but he’d rather live in a castle. It wouldn’t have to be very big, just as long as it had battlements. Follow him on Twitter @WriterJoshKhan.

by Joshua Kahn
Disney-Hyperion | On Sale April 11, 2017
Hardcover ISBN: 9781484737620 | $16.99 | $17.99 Can. | 352 pages | Ages 8-12

Ebook ISBN: 9781368002462


Okay, the first thing you got to know is my musical taste is all over the place. SHADOW MAGIC does indeed have a soundtrack, I could have given you a few chapter references to what was playing when I was writing, or imagining a scene.

I’ve inserted links, some are just tunes to be listened to, others are clips that fed the world of SHADOW MAGIC itself.

And that’s the one we’ll start with, the Queen of the Night aria out of Die Zauberflote by Mozart. The imagery, all dark, extravagant, unearthly, it’s pure Castle Gloom. And then the voice itself. I am stunned into awe each time I hear it. How can a person produce such magic? I am a big opera fan, and Mozart has a special place in my heart. It’s all high drama, no one does anything small in opera. The grandeur might feel melodramatic to some, but to me it’s all ‘caught in the throat’ emotion. Opera is about fate, love, betrayal, divided loyalties and most of all passion.  All the things I love writing about.

Next up are the ultimate goth band, The Sisters of Mercy. If you love black, bats and the creatures out of the dark places of the soul then look no further. The lead singer, Andrew Eldritch is a vampire, just check out his look in This Corrosion. Now I could have filled the whole list with tracks from these guys, but I’ll limit myself to The Temple of Love, featuring Ofra Haza. It pumps, it pounds, and then it soars.

David Bowie. There can be no list without the Thin White Duke. Again, this guy could have been born in Castle Gloom. He was weird, groundbreaking, and unique. To fit the theme of SHADOW MAGIC I give you Scary Monsters and Super Freaks, but there could have been so many more. I won’t distract you with a video, just listen to the music.

One of the key characters out of SHADOW MAGIC is K’leef, so I’ll use that as an excuse to put in the Middle-Eastern singer, Natasha Atlas. I found Ezzay, and (strangely) along with a video of cats. Make of that what you will but this is music to be listened to at the setting of the sun.

Now before you think it’s just going to be world music from now on, here’s something completely different, Muse. Map of the Problematique was played more than anything else during those early drafts of SHADOW MAGIC. Listen to these lyrics.
Life will flash before my eyes, so scattered so lost, I want to touch the other side.
Pure House Shadow.

Time to get back into the classical. This was a hard one, Mozart’s Requiem or Dies Irae by Verdi. Since I have already done Mozart I gave Verdi the nod, but I strongly suggest you check out Mozart too. Big, loud and epic. And a little bit terrifying.

Let’s tone down the bombast a little, but dial up the creepiness. So, The Prodigy. My favourite band. This next track is not their usual assault on the eardrums. Narayan has a dash of Eastern mix, which suits SHADOW MAGIC well. A lot of House Shadow is inspired by the Middle East, its history, religion and mythology. Iblis is the Arabic name for the Devil, Salome was of course the Biblical villainess, and Lilith is the Hebrew name for the first wife Adam and the mother of demonkind. Book 3, BURNING MAGIC, explored the eastern kingdom of Djinn in greater detail, so there’s much more yet to come.

As we head to the finish I need to add one of my other fav goth bands, The Cult. This is their bono fide classic, She Sells Sanctuary. I saw them in concert recently, having missed them during their 1980’s heyday, and the crowd went bonkers when this came on.

Last two and I must put in Hans Zimmer. The guy has composed some of the most epic soundtracks in recent years but nothing tops this one from The Man of Steel. It’s What Are You Going to Do When You’re Not Saving the World? Just listening to it makes me want to be a better person, it’s that inspiring and quiet rightly attached to the most inspiring superhero of the all, Superman. I’ve added the trailer too, the one where I first heard this music. I wept as I watched it. Yes, I am a BIG, BIG, BIG Superman fan. I was sooo tempted to add the Wonder Woman intro, Is She with You? Out of Batman v Superman. But I save it for next time.

I will finish with Siouxsie and the Banshees, another classic goth band of the 70s and 80s. Oh, how I adore Siouxsie, surely a queen of House Shadow from some parallel universe. I’ve picked Cities in Dust. This is the theme of the Shardlands, the ruins of the Old Kingdom, destroyed in the great war between the Six Princes.

I hope you found that fun and maybe you’ve been introduced to something new and unexpected. There were so, so many more tunes to be added, but we’ll save those for Vol 2...