The Explorers, Absolutely Fabulous, and Free Audio Books: Last Week In Review (45)

Welcome to Last Week In Review. I'm a little late with my post this week, but it couldn't be helped. Once again, last week, life kept me from finishing any of the books I'm currently reading. I did make some progress, though. Here are the books I'm currently reading in case you missed it.

And I added:

"This is one of those stories that start with a pig in a teeny hat. It’s not the one you’re thinking about. (This story is way better than that one.)"

What I Watched

I continued to watching iZombie, Agents of Shield,  and Call the Midwife. We had severe weather in our area on Saturday and we lost power for close to seven hours. So, I missed Doctor Who and Class. I'll have to catch up on those later. And I watched a movie that I've been dying to see since I heard the news it was being made: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. I'm a huge fan of the television series. It's silly and the movie was right on par with it. To be honest, I'd probably watch Absolutely Fabulous: The Geriatric Years if they made it.

I've had the windows open and have been enjoying the weather. We've planted some flowers outside too. These roses seemed to have bloomed overnight.

I've received some books over the past few weeks and I been neglectful of posting about them. 

Rosemary's Baby is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And The Address is the new novel by Fiona Davis, who wrote The Dollhouse last year. I can't wait to read it! 

I received some middle-grade books as well. 

One last thing of note: 
Sync starts back this week. It's a cool program and it's totally free. If you like audiobooks or you know someone that does, please tell them about it. The audiobooks are only available to download for a week. After that, you'll have to purchase them. Check out the website for additional information:

Have a great week!