Mother's Day, Being An Introvert, and What To Read Next: Last Week In Review (48)

First, I want to say a belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I know Mother's Day can be hard for some people too. It is for my family, for we lost my mother-in-law just over a year ago and my grandmother in January. I miss both women very keenly.

My Mother's Day gifts were a cloth-bound Northanger Abbey, a candle that smells of Irish cream (it smells so good!), and a little box that my daughter decorated with hearts. Over the past few years I've been gifted cloth-bound Jane Austen books from Penguin Books. Northanger Abbey finished off the collection. I love them. They're so beautiful and look great on my shelf. I think I'll start collecting the Brontes next! 

So this time of year is exciting for many people, but draining for me. Graduations, weddings, engagements, baby showers, oh my! That has been my life lately. Every weekend has held one of these events and sometimes more. I feel exhausted from being overly social. I'm ready to hide in my introvert cave for awhile with a book. 

Image of Moby Dick by David Austen.

I did not get a lot of reading done last week. I managed to finish Dangerous To Know last night as well as listen to a few more chapters in An Uncommon Courtship. (the ebook is on sale at Amaon for $1.99. I'm not sure how much longer the sale will last, so be sure to check the price before buying.) So progress is being made at least. I'm also reading Dr. Faustus and Moby Dick with my kids. I say "kids" but they're pre-teen and teen. They'll always be kids to me, though. As well as reading Moby Dick, we're also listening to The Moby Dick Big Read. They have (had?) a website, for some reason I'm not able to access it today, but the Big Read is available on SoundCloud: Each chapter is read by a different celebrity. We've only listened to four chapters so far, but it's really good. Also, you can read more about it on Open Culture.

Things To Note

Seasons of Stories is back! You can have short stories delivered to you inbox from Penguin Random House.

Don't forget you only have a few days left to download this week's Sync titles. Bronx Masquerade and Teenage Diaries.

Last. but not least:

What should I read next from my TBR pile?

I'm trying to stop myself from starting all these books at the same time. However, I'm leaning toward Mothers and Other Strangers. It's tough to choose!

What are you reading?

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