Audiobook Review: Jane Eyre

A few months ago I announced my To Walk Invisible Reading Challenge. The first book I read, or I should say re-read, was Jane Eyre. I still have my copy that I obtained in high school. It's worn from its well-read status. I love re-reading my favorite books because I seem to discover something new each time. In my latest read, I discovered how much I dislike St. John Rivers. He is so cold toward Jane. And so unwavering in his pursuits that he comes across as an arrogant asshole. And while I prefer Mr. Rochester over St. John, I don't have a lot of love for him either. He's abusive at times toward Jane. I'm glad she left him after she found out about his wife. That makes me love Jane all the more.

After I finished reading, I realized I had not listened to Jane Eyre on audiobook before now. I had an audible credit at hand and decided to give it a go. I listened to several excerpts and decided on the audible exclusive read by Thandie Newton. The English actress seemed perfect fit for my listening pleasure, and listening to this book had me discovering facets of Jane Eyre that I had not before uncovered. The length of this book was 19 hours and 10 minutes, but it didn't feel that long. I found myself lost in this book for hours. Newton gave each character their own voice. She seemed to understand the complexities of the characters making them shine through her readings.

I highly recommend re-reading books that you love, but re-reading by listening to them as an audiobook has a different impact altogether. Thandie Newton does an amazing job, and I highly recommend this audiobook.