Check out these 5 debut female authors from Beaks and Geeks

Whether you're out and about, waiting in line, or wrapping gifts, you can tune into Beaks and Geeks to listen to numerous debut novelists share insights into the stories they have written and engaging tidbits about their lives, inside, and outside of writing.  

Below are links to five episodes from the past year, which feature women debut authors. 

Listen to Francesca Hornak discuss her witty and charming novel about a deadly disease, complicated family, and a forced Christmastime quarantine. Tune into an entertaining conversation about creaky family estates, awkward moments, gruesome diseases and more.  

On Beaks and Geeks, Brit Bennett celebrates the paperback release of her 2016 debut novel about motherhood, friendship, and life choices. She talks about the power of gossip, politics of her novel, feedback from readers, and more.

Tune into a conversation about newfound wealth and “keeping up with the Joneses”, as author and actor, Diksha Basu, discusses class, culture, wealth, and love in modern India—topics central to her debut novel. 

Chiara Barzini tells readers about her experience moving from Italy to California as a teenager, and how it influenced her debut novel, a coming of age story set in Los Angeles in the nineties during the race riot and earthquake.  

Camille Bordas discusses her debut English novel, which unfolds through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy, the youngest of six siblings, who struggles to fit in with his quirky family of academics. Bordas talks about the loneliness of academia, her characters, writing process, and more.