My 18 for 2018 List

I've been following Gretchen Rubin on Facebook for over a year now. She's written a book called The Happiness Project which in itself has become a movement. In a podcast a few weeks ago, she adopted "18 for 2018" for the new year after being inspired by a listener. I thought this was a great idea and decided to post my 18 things that would make me happier in 2018.

  • Put new batteries in all the flashlights
  • Learn more about coding
  • Make more time for being crafty (sewing, knitting, etc.)
  • Do yoga everyday
  • Be more organized
  • Take more photos
  • Start a family game night with in-laws
  • Read more books that I already own
  • Learn to cook new recipes
  • Say yes to things that scare me
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Finish reading Moby Dick
  • Limit time on social media
  • Connect with friends more
  • Send out Christmas cards
  • Learn to say no without feeling guilty
  • Drink less coffee
  • Learn a new language

So that's it. What's on your list?