An #Audiobook Confession

I listen to audiobooks on many devices. My kindle, computer, and this  . . . 

An iPod shuffle (3rd generation). I've had this device for what seems like an eternity. It's small, compact, and weighs practically nothing. And while technology has moved leaps and bounds since this little thing came on the market, I still prefer to listen to audiobooks on it. It's dinged and scratched, but works perfectly. 

Last week while I was charging it, my daughter asked, "What is this thing exactly?" I then went on to explain, and with a confused look on her face replied, "Couldn't you just use your phone?" This conversation left me feeling a little bit . . . old. I guess I could use my phone, but the truth is I will keep using this tiny mp3 player until it no longer works. And then maybe I will switch to my phone. 

Or search ebay hoping someone somewhere has one to sell. 

In the meantime, if you see me around with my tiny mp3 player, you can safely assume I'm listening to an audiobook.