Review: The Soldier Prince by Aarti V. Raman

by Aarti V. Raman
Kindle Edition | 284 pages
Published May 22nd 2018 by Karou Publishing

Review Copy Provided In Exchange For A Review


The Soldier Prince...

Alexander ‘Iceman’ Heinrickson was born a prince. The spare heir to a European principality whose future was set in stone. Until circumstances forced him to abandon his wealthy lifestyle and royal heritage. He chose to become a soldier. After years of seeing needless combat, he works construction in New York city. And craves a normal life.  Going back home is not an option for him. But neither is leaving a brave damsel in danger. 

...And The Commoner 

Sasha Ray is an aspiring teacher and a soft touch waitress. Her life is normal. Boring even.
She also has a massive crush on the newest Tall, Blond, and Handsome who frequents the New York deli where she works. What she doesn’t know about the stranger called Iceman might get her killed. Or worse. 

For one, he turns out to be a lethally capable soldier. For another, he is the secret Prince of Stellangård, who is not used to the word no. So, when Alexander sweeps her off on a private jet to his castle nestled in the Swiss Alps for her own protection, she has no choice but to go with him. Falling for a tortured hero like Prince Alexander might be the biggest mistake of her life. 

But Sasha knows some mistakes are worth risking your heart for. With an unknown enemy closing in, Sasha and Alexander need to decide if happily ever after is just a fairy tale. Or can a Prince and a commoner find true love in the middle of danger? 

My Thoughts

Aarti V. Raman is a self-proclaimed incurable romantic. She has written several contemporary romance books, and her latest, The Soldier Prince, will make this already hot summer even hotter. This is the first book of her new series, and she sets the bar quite high. 

Alexander Henrickson abandoned his royal lifestyle to become a soldier. After years in combat, he retires from military life to become a construction worker in New York City, deciding to live a simple life instead of going home. Sasha Ray works at the diner Alex frequents. Sasha works two jobs while also trying to get a degree in teaching. 

One evening, a homeless man comes into the diner to urge Sasha to warn Alex that there are men looking for him. So she goes, believing he's in mortal danger. From there things go from bad to worse. And before you know it, Sasha is on a plane with Alex heading for his homeland of Stellangård for her own safety. Sasha knows that any attraction she feels towards Alex will be in vain. A relationship between the two will never work out, yet she can't fight her feelings.

The Soldier Prince reminded me a bit of Beauty and the Beast, in the fact that Sasha is kept against her will and there's a huge library that would make any bookworm fall in love. But right now seems to be the perfect time for Royal Romances, especially on the heals of a certain royal couple who just tied the knot. Alex and Sasha have great chemistry. Their situation seems impossible, but I still couldn't help cheering for them. But of course, this is a romance so you know the characters are going to get their Happily Ever After. 

I enjoyed this novel. The characters had great chemistry. There was enough emotional turmoil to keep me satisfied. And of course, the ending was worth it all. Raman's style breaths some fresh air into this popular genre that will have you eagerly waiting for the next book in this series.