Genderbend a Winter Holiday in Week 11 of Sync's Summer of Audiobooks

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Available: 07/09 - 07/15

by Charles Dickens, Alison Larkin | Read by Alison Larkin
Published by Alison Larkin Presents

Following her recent adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations, bestselling novelist and award-winning audiobook narrator Alison Larkin changes the gender of Scrooge in this exciting new recording of A Christmas Carol.

Everything else, though, is pure Dickens. So the characters around Scrooge behave as if it were quite normal for a woman to learn to read and write, fall in love with and reject a woman, and have the kind of career only men could dream of in 1843.

It's an irresistible question. If gender had been simply irrelevant in the 19th century, where would we all be now?

by William Shakespeare |
 Read by Stella Gonet, Gerard Murphy, Jonathan Keeble, Daniel Philpott, Nick Fletcher, Peter Yapp, Jane Whittenshaw, Malcolm Sinclair, David Timson, Lucy Whybrow, Christopher Godwin, Brian Parr, Adam Kotz, Benjamin Soames
Published by Naxos AudioBooks

Twelfth Night, first performed around 1600, probably at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, is the tale of separated brother and sister twins – Sebastian and Viola – and their love entanglements. The play is considered one of Shakespeare’s best-loved and most-admired comedies: Modern audiences, critics and directors are attuned to its delicate counterpointing of romance and realism, to its ambivalent ending and to the poetic suggestiveness of Feste’s songs. Twelfth Night is festive in spirit, and thus suits its title’s suggestion of the celebrations marking the last night of the Christmas season. The alternative title – ‘What You Will’ – also implies a mood of careless mischief, even misrule.