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My cat is obsessed with #AlexanderHamilton

I joined the #HamiltonTogether Read-Along at the beginning of July. I've had Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow unread on my bookshelf for far too long, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally dive into this massive biography. I'm not sure I quite understood the task I was undertaking at the time, and I'll be completely honest with you: There were times I got woefully behind regarding the reading schedule. There were days when I didn't feel like reading. There were days I didn't have time to read. And there were days I couldn't get my book away from Fred. This is Fred. She's owned my family for about 6 years. For some unknown reason, Fred has taken to Alexander Hamilton  unlike any other book I've ever owned. When I'm reading she has to be near. When I lay down the book, even for a minute, she takes up her post on the pages. In the above photo, you can see her sticking her tongue out at me. Mocking me. And does Alexander Hamilton m